Big Bad Wolf

Big Bad Wolf

Slot machine test: big bad wolf

Where a wolf is, as fairy tales are usually not far. And actually, big bad wolf is a fairy tale implementation in a slot machine. Behind that nothing more than the story of the three little pigs, who are all dabbling in the construction of houses, but only one has the hang of it right out. So want to live the pigs to safety, the Wolf has great hunger while trying his best to to blast out the houses. Surely you heard ever the fairy tale, that here by the company quick spin perfectly implemented. By design, there is really nothing to complain about, especially the lovingly designed details make the slot to a feast for the eyes. But that alone is very little reason to play and therefore also the functions are, which means your chance of winning. For example, the Umgepustetes House bonus or the falling-reel feature. Enough reasons for a lot of big bad wolf in the online casino.

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With three pigs is of course clear that must pass a series of at least three of the same symbols. Three in a row are possible, four or five same motifs, which must be but always on a payline. The first symbol of a triple and quad series is also always the first reel. No other motive may interrupt a such series, an exception to the normal wild symbols. It bothers not a series, but can complement such.

Big bad wolf has over 25 paylines, which offer you the possibilities to make winning lines. You don't have real influence it but on your winnings. If you increase your bet, you can make more profit because this is made each with a multiplier depending on the icon and row length. If multiple paylines with rows are filled, these profits are added simply.

The slot game symbols in the big bad wolf online slot

The game consists of different symbols that spread back and forth across the reels and hopefully you in series can be accommodated. The 10 and the letters form the so-called low winning symbols, which means that they are often occur, but it also to the millionaire you do. Depending on the series are longer, the better it is but for the profit, so that even small symbols should not be underestimated.

The pigs go yet more. Since we had the three pigs and additionally a small Teddy pig. All four icons bring more profit than the letters and then come and when again.

Profits are

still higher but if the bonus options come to fruition. There would be, for example, the Wolf, who performs in the scatter symbol. Ten free games can you spin with the Wolf slots online.

Which is Umgepustetes House bonus feature with the Moon symbol in a round. The Moon almost ensures that associated the Wolf in flashes. This feature runs in steps, where each a House of the pigs from the Wolf to is blown. You collect more moons in a row, also a multiplier that will be charged with your profits will be higher.

With profits you can also ensure that the pigs are the wild symbol. In addition, there are still the normal wild. It has the function of a Joker, complemented with the series.

Slot machines instructions by big bad wolf

Developers quick spin has done here all the work. The slot machine is colorful, but clear and quick to learn. Before you rotate the rollers, you can change each time the usage. There's a wide range of different inserts available, which will have an impact on your profits. With "auto. You switch game"in the auto-start mode. Here are the round from alone started. You can pause at any time and play continues normally. When rotation takes you too long, you can switch on "Quick game" and you try in one way or another round of big bad wolf.